Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Farida Jalal converts to Christianity in the hope of an apology from AIB

Actress Farida Jalal converted to Christianity on Monday evening at St Michael’s Church in Mumbai in the presence of a priest. According to sources close to the veteran actress, she took this drastic decision in the hope of an apology from comedy collective AIB for what some think is a crass dig at her.

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Speaking to The UnReal Times, the actress who now goes by the name Farida Josephine Jalal, said, “Obviously I was deeply offended by the joke. How can they say something like that after all the countless maa roles that I have done? Of course I was hoping that they’d apologize to me!”

“But several days after the show went viral, forget an apology, not even an explanation came my way,” she added. “Then I read their post on Facebook where they offered an unconditional apology to the archdiocese and the Christian community, and figured out how these things work. I pondered over the matter for a while, then made my way to the church.”

Minutes after news about Farida’s conversion to Christianity hit social media, an AIB member began composing a fresh post on their Facebook page.

Amidst the din over the AIB knockout, we’ve had the opportunity to reach out to some groups who have had questions about the jokes and the taste they were made in. For example, we had extensive discussions with the kind Farida Josephine Jalal. We explained to her that we didn’t set out to hurt her or the Christian community when we wrote the jokes, and offered an unconditional apology to her and the entire Christian community for any offense caused. We’d like to thank the kind Farida Josephine Jalal for sitting down with us, hearing us out and giving us a chance to apologize. AIB believes…

Meanwhile, a fringe Hindu group based in Mumbai has already approached Farida Jalal to enlist her in their next ghar wapsi session.

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